4 comments on “The road which may no longer be a road

  1. Where are memories stored in? In a place? In our brain? In an atmosphere? Or stored in a history? Everything are connected with unrecognizable connection.
    Thank you Mayu, to re-connect positive memories together.

  2. My Mum,Margaret Muntz (nee McLean) & sister Josehine Croft (Nee Muntz) are the 85 yera old mother & the 64 year old daughter spoken of in this article. I also went to Birrego Public School from 1956 to 1962. We had 6 pupils in 6th grade in 1962 and Mr Rex Scrub was our teacher then. I also remember Mr Rosengreen (the piano playing teacher) I use to look after his children at the Sat footy matches in Boree and then he would play the piano @ the dances that night. I especially remember doing craft on Friday afternoons. We did basket weaving, marbling @ the sinks, and then using that marbling paper to make hard covers for our school magazines, paper weaving as well as the usual painting etc. I still have the painting I entered in the Boree Creek Art Show and won in 1962. It was titled “Playing Marbles” I loved my days @ the little school and often wished that my own children could have had the same experiences.
    The best of luck for the exhibition and as I live in Dubbo I am truly sorry to miss seeing it and only hope that they’ll be something in the days to come on the internet.
    Yours sincerely Lenette Allen (Muntz)

    • Thank you, Lenette for your comment. Its great to hear from you. It would have been great if you were here in Birrego… There was a small video work of children playing marbles as part of From Our School House installation also!

      I will leave a video documentation of the installation with Vic McEwan at the Old Birrego School House and a copy for the museum and the library in Narrandera if they will be kind enough to archive it in their collection. I will also be leaving a copy for your mum and sister. So perhaps you will have a chance to see a video of the work at least.


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