2 comments on “The teacher will come

  1. Mayu , we loved having you here and being part of our family. We miss you already.

    It was an amazing time for us and because of you we understand the history of where we live. Thank you. Not many people truly understand their place and where they are in the world. I do a little more.

    I love that this school building holds many fond memories and brings joy to people when they reminisce about their time spent here. That makes me happy.

    Vic, Holly and I love living in Birrego. What a lovely thing that the school has been reborn as a family home, where all our memories will be stored.

    My favourite book is ‘Anne’s House of Dreams’ from the Anne of Green Gables series. It’s my favourite book because Anne has just married Gilbert, they move away from Avonlea, they have a baby and new adventures with new people, locals in the area. It’s sickly romantic. And has been my secret dream life from a girl. How funny that that is now my life, a beautiful dream life with Vic and Holly. ‘Sarah’s House of Dreams’.

    The future of this school house is bright.

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