One comment on “Day 12, How to save 100,000$ on sensors, (or how to open a window and listen.)

  1. Just back from a sonically and psychically nOiSy stint in the theater at HH with John (Hadden). Since my return, I’ve spent hours reading and listening to your blog, Bruce. In doing so, I’ve realized that so many of the sweet memories of my time in Oz have to do with the sounds I heard there — especially in the bush — the birds!, the silence-as-backdrop to wildlife, the wildlife, the wind… When I was there, my ears/brain, free from the assault of standing waves and sonic assaults from above, could hear colours.

    I am surprised that your recorded sounds animated my memory as surely and strongly as my olfactory sense does and would. Your recordings of the birds especially.

    I can’t wait to hear more when you return. (You *will* return, yes?)

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