One comment on “drought’n’rain

  1. Hello
    My Dad & later brother farmed on “Bartagunyah” (meaning bark hut in aboriginal translation) Birrego. The farm has had a name change with change of ownership, but it is directly across the road from Garth Strong’s place.Dad is nearly 90 now and resides @ the RSL Village in Wagga. He would be a person to speak with in regard to the seasons, drought years, bumper years etc.They farmed wheat/sheep on 600 acres (very small farm) & raised 5 children and we all attended the Birrego school. If you wish to contact him his name is Len Muntz and his phone no is 69253108.
    I think he still looks for rain and thinks each season what jobs need to be done. I remember one particular good season when he called himself a little farmer with a big harvest. His lambs always brought top dollar @ the Wagga sale yards but when the market was down it was hard to make a profit no matter how good the lambs presented!
    Anyway these facts may not interest you for your story but then again they may….
    Lenette Allen (nee Muntz)

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